Emails - LTS

The Emails module in SuiteCRM allows Users to view, store, compose, send and receive email from their own personal Email account or a shared inbox, for example a Support or Sales inbox. Emails can be related to Accounts, Cases, Contacts and many more records in the CRM.

Emails Actions

You can access the Emails actions from the Emails module menu drop down or via the Sidebar. The Emails actions are as follows:

  • View My Email – Redirects you to your mailbox so that you can view and manage emails displayed/imported to the CRM.

  • Create Email Template - A WYSIWYG editor where you can create Emails by dragging and dropping components, inserting variables and amending the plain text.

  • View Email Templates - Takes you to the List View page of your existing Email Templates. This allows you to search and list Email Template records.

To view the full list of fields available for the Emails module, See Emails Field List.

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