Command Line Tools

This enhancement is only available in SuiteCRM from version 7.11 onwards.

SuiteCRM’s Elasticsearch integration ships with two useful command-line tools powered by Robo.

These two commands allow to perform indexing and searches from the command-line, making debug and integration with external tools easier.

These commands require a working connection to the database, if you are running SuiteCRM behind Docker or a VM, please execute them from a shell on the same host as the SuiteCRM web server.


The elastic:index command allows to run an indexing from the command-line and see the step-by-step logs. Both partial and full indexing are supported.


elastic:index [<differential> = 1]


Running a full indexing:

vendor/bin/robo elastic:index 0

Running a partial indexing:

vendor/bin/robo elastic:index 1

Elasticsearch Index CLI


The elastic:search command allows you to perform the same kind of queries you would do from the search bar directly from the CLI. It also allows to return a JSON with additional data about the record.


elastic:search <query> [<size> = 20] [<showJson> = false]

You can use the full query syntax for query argument.

The size option specifies the number of results.

When the showJson option is enabled a JSON will be returned for each result


Search for everything using the keyword 'rohan':

vendor/bin/robo elastic:search "rohan"

Elasticsearch CLI

Search for the first account named 'Maxwell' and show a JSON:

vendor/bin/robo elastic:search "_type:Accounts AND named:Maxwell" 1 true

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