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Preparing for a Larger Upgrade

By pgorod | July 15, 2019

Usually upgrades are done in small iterations, and we recommend that you upgrade as often as possible. But we know that if you’re many versions behind the latest, and dealing with a large instance full of customisations, or having inherited the instance from a predecessor, perhaps with little documentation, can make the prospect of upgrading a bit more daunting.

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Creating a Custom SuiteP Sub-theme

By pgorod | September 5, 2018

Since SuiteCRM 7.10, the SuiteP theme started to have 4 Sub-themes called Dawn, Day, Dusk and Night. This article teaches how to "fork" one of these and start a new Sub-theme of your own.

I will create a new Sub-theme called Noon, based on Day, and I will make some changes in order to increase the contrast in some parts of the app.

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SuiteCRM Super Logger

By Jim Mackin | July 23, 2018

I’ve previously created a very simple module for SuiteCRM which adds coloured logging (SuiteCRM Super Logger). I’ve now expanded it somewhat to add extra features.

It’s now called SuiteSuperLogger and allows specifying the log format in the config. It can be downloaded from the original blog post

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