Further Resources

Although this book has aimed to be a thorough resource, SuiteCRM is large and feature rich. Therefore it is not possible to include all the information you may require. Here are some extra resources for developing with SuiteCRM.

SuiteCRM Website

The SuiteCRM website suitecrm.com has many excellent resources including:

External SuiteCRM Resources

SuiteCRM GitHub - The SuiteCRM source code is hosted on GitHub. Here you can get bleeding edge code changes and even contribute code.

SugarCRM Resources

SuiteCRM has strived to remain compatible with the SugarCRM community edition and much of the documentation is still valid. The appropriate version for SuiteCRM information is 6.5. Versions of documentation higher than this (i.e. 7) will probably not be relevant.

  • PHP - The main language used by SuiteCRM

  • Smarty - The templating language used throughout SuiteCRM.

  • XDebug - Debugging/profiling extension for PHP

  • Git - Distributed version control system

  • YUI - Legacy Javascript library used in SuiteCRM

  • JQuery - Javascript library used in SuiteCRM - to be preferred over YUI.

  • PHPMailer Email library used in SuiteCRM

  • APC - Alternative PHP Cache. PHP Opcode cache supported by SuiteCRM

  • WinCache - Windows PHP cache. PHP Opcode cache supported by SuiteCRM

  • PHPStorm - PHP IDE (Paid)

  • Eclipse PHP Development Tools - PHP IDE (Free and Open Source)

  • SalesAgility - The company behind SuiteCRM.

  • Jim Mackin - Personal website of the original author of this Developer Guide.

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