In SuiteCRM a Contact is an individual who is typically associated with an Account (organisation) or Opportunity (qualified prospect). For example if Techco is the Account, then John Smith, Sales Manager of Techco is the Contact. This module holds all information relating to these individuals and also provides a vantage point for any history relating to a Contact record, for example if they were involved in a Meeting, raised a Case or sent an Email.

Contacts Actions

You can access the Contacts actions from the Contacts module menu drop down or via the Sidebar. The Contacts actions are as follows:

  • Create Contact – A new form is opened in Edit View to allow you to create a new Contact record.

  • View Contacts – Redirects you to the List View for the Contacts module. This allows you to search and list Contact records.

  • Import Contacts – Redirects you to the Import Wizard for the Contacts module. For more information, see Importing Records.

To view the full list of fields available when creating an Contact, See Contacts Field List.

Managing Contacts

  • To sort records on the Contacts List View, click any column title which is sortable. This will sort the column either ascending or descending.

  • To search for a Contact, see the Search section of this user guide.

  • To update some or all the Contacts on the List View, use the Mass Update panel as described in the Mass Updating Records section of this user guide.

  • To duplicate a Contact, you can click the Duplicate button on the Detail View and then save the duplicate record.

  • To merge duplicate Contacts, select the records from the Contacts List View, click the Merge link in the Actions drop-down list, and progress through the merge process. For more information on Merging Duplicates, see the Merging Records section of this user guide.

  • To delete one or multiple Contacts, you can select multiple records from the List View and click delete. You can also delete a Contact from the Detail View by clicking the Delete button. For a more detailed guide on deleting records, see the Deleting Records section of this user guide.

  • To view the details of a Contact, click the Contact Name in the List View. This will open the record in Detail View.

  • To edit the Contact details, click Edit icon within the List View or click the edit button on the Detail View, make the necessary changes, and click Save.

  • For a detailed guide on importing and exporting Contacts, see the Importing Records and Exporting Records sections of this user guide.

  • To track all changes to audited fields, in the Contact record, you can click the View Change Log button on the Contact’s Detail View or Edit View.

  • Setting up the export of contacts in vCard format: by default, exporting contacts to vCard format is not available. The system administrator needs to replace the fields First Name and Last Name with the field Name using Studio, after which the vCard button will be available to the right of the Name field.

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