Raising Issues

Raising Issues

An issue is an area where you can feel the project could be improved, for example, you could report a problem or bug you’ve encountered while using the software, a feature you feel is missing, or a gap in the project’s documentation.

When raising issues via our GitHub repository ensure you state the issue clearly with a full description of steps to reproduce, what version(s) of SuiteCRM the issue was found in and; if relevant what platform it is running on and a screenshot of the issue. This will allow any contributor to easily identify and potentially address the issue. Here is the GitHub guide to all things issues.


We take Security seriously here at SuiteCRM so if you have discovered a security risk report it by emailing security@suitecrm.com. This will be delivered to the product team who handle security issues. Please don’t disclose security bugs publicly until they have been handled by the security team.

Your email will be acknowledged within 24 hours during the business week (Mon - Fri), and you’ll receive a more detailed response to your email within 72 hours during the business week (Mon - Fri) indicating the next steps in handling your report.

GitHub Labels

Types of Issue Labels

You can click the labels below to see the list of actual Issues on Github that are currently marked with that label.


Confirmed or very likely to be a bug.

Low priority

Low impact (e.g. visual only, typos, alignments).

Medium Priority

Medium impact blocker with a workaround.

High Priority

A high impact blocker with no workaround.

Fix Proposed

Issues with a related pull request.

Pending Input

Pending input from issue raiser.


Issues relating to language files


Suggestions that will later be moved to Trello


General questions (Should usually be posted to the community forum instead)

Resolved: next release

Solved issues that will be closed after the next release.


Issues that are invalid or non-reproducible.


Issues which are duplicates of other issues.

We encourage users who feel an issue should be raised as a higher priority for a next release that they should make a comment to that effect. This also applies to incorrect labelling.

Types of Pull Request Labels

You can click the labels below to see the list of actual Pull Requests on Github that are currently marked with that label.


Pull requests that have been confirmed to fix the original issue by a SalesAgility member.

Ready to Merge

Pull requests that have both been assessed and code reviewed by SalesAgility.

Requires Tests

Pull requests that require addition acceptance or unit tests before they can be merged.

Community Contribution

Pull requests that have been created by a member of the community.


Pull requests that add additional features or functionality. These pull requests will need to be reviewed by SalesAgility.

In Review

Currently in-review and requires additional work from creator

Wrong Branch

Pull requests that have been created to the wrong branch.


Duplicate of other pull requests.

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