How to Create a Font


Pull down the Suite-P-Icon-Font repository from github - click here to take you to the repository - Then continue on to the steps provided below.

sudo npm install -g svgo
sudo npm install -g icon-font-generator

Icon Creation Process

Create a build folder

mkdir /tmp/suitepicon/

Add new uncleaned icons to build folder

Use inkscape

  • remove any masks and clipping

  • resize the icons to 1024x1024

  • use svgo to compress svgo

Use svgo to clean / compress the svgs:

svgo -f /tmp/suitepicon/ -o src

Build Icon Set

icon-font-generator src/*svg -o suitepicon --mono --center -p suitepicon --csspath suitepicon/suitepicon-glyphs.scss --name suitepicon

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