Install New Languages

If you are not adding a new language to SuiteCRM, but rather updating an already installed language, make sure you start by following the appropriate Language Packs Update guide.

Download a Language pack

  1. Choose either Stable SuiteCRM Language Packs or Latest Build SuiteCRM Language Packs

  2. Choose your version and language

  3. Download ZIP file

Installation steps

  1. Login as English 1.png

  2. Go to 'Admin / Module Loader' 2.png 3.png

  3. Upload and install the new Language pack (zip file) 4.png

  4. Click Upload to send the file to the server 6.png

  5. Click Install and confirm to apply the changes 7.png

  6. Go to 'Admin / Repair / Quick Repair and Rebuild 10.png

  7. Logout 14.png

  8. Login for your new language 15.png

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