This enhancement is only available in SuiteCRM from version 7.11 onwards.

Elasticsearch is an indexing engine that is built specifically to have almost real-time search results, optimised for searching text strings. It is built in Java and runs as a separate server/process.

Elasticsearch can be integrated with SuiteCRM to widely improve search quality and time. To achieve this, search-enabled modules are indexed on the Elasticsearch server. When a search query is received by SuiteCRM it is redirected to the Elasticsearch server, which will perform an optimised search and return the results back to the CRM.

SuiteCRM currently supports only Elasticsearch 5.6.

Synchronisation between the database and the Elasticsearch index happens in three main ways:

Logic Hooks

Every time a record is updated it gets re-indexed automatically.

Scheduled task

A scheduler job will run periodically to make sure that the database and the index are synchronised.

Manual indexing

A full or partial index can be requested by an administrator via the admin panel or from a Robo task.

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